With our solo 50km or team training plans we can guide you on a rewarding journey to getting to the start line of the Triple Peaks in the shape of your life. Training for and racing the Triple Peaks is a big challenge but with a structured plan and our knowledge and experience, it's far more achievable than you thought.

We understand your challenges.

If any of these problems sound familiar then this plan is for you.

  • You've never been able to find the time to train because of your busy schedule.
  • You think the training required will take more time and energy than you have available.
  • You always put your family and work commitments first, but you'd like a challenge that's just for "you".
  • Family comes first and you need help fitting in training around work and family commitments.

Who We've Helped

"The programme and your additional advice really did get me across the line. The discipline of the weekly schedule with helpful videos definitely helped to keep me on track and built well towards the final goal of completing my first marathon."

Steve, Busy Dad with a busy career 

"I had been running for a while and had most of the pieces but needed a bit more structure and a little guidance. Neil and Lisa took the time to understand me, my history and my goals before implementing a plan to help me run better. A year and 4 races on I am running faster and stronger."

Gavin, experienced runner

"As a stay at home mum raising twins, having a program for my goal, enables me to prioritise my day and gives me confidence that I’m training smarter and will be event-ready right when I need to be. Running Hot Coaching are a big part my journey, supporting me well beyond the finish line."

Erena Shing, Raising twins

"As a busy working Mum I get asked often how I manage to fit in all my training. My reply is that if you want something bad enough you find time. Running Hot Coaching has taught me that quality training over quantity training is the key."

Amy Thomas, Busy working Mum

What We Can do for You

Structured Training Plan

We've done all the thinking so you don't have to. Our plans are based on dozens of years of combined experience coaching people just like you.

Online Training System

Access to our comprehensive web and mobile apps so you can follow your program and track your training all at the touch of a finger.

 Resource Library

Access to our resource library full of videos, articles and tips to help you maximize your training time through knowledge we've gained from years of racing and coaching marathons.

Support and Help

Support and help from our coaching team if you have questions about your plan or the challenges you are facing.

How it Works


Signup to one of our plans and get instant access to your own online training account with our web and mobile apps.

Step 2

Apply the structured training plan to your calendar and start training as soon as you are ready. Watch the videos and read the articles.

Step 3

Follow the plan until race day, build fitness, avoid injury and reach your marathon or half marathon goals.

Training System Features

Web and Mobile Apps

Get access to your own training account using our web and mobile apps to easily follow your plan and track your progress.

Strength, Mobility and Flexibility Sessions

Key sessions integrated into your plan based on dozens of years of combined experience to maximize your training and minimize any risk of injury.

Articles, Tips and Videos

A comprehensive private knowledge library full of insight to help with your journey towards your marathon or half marathon success.

A Plan That Suits You Best

Pick the plan that best suits your experience and level. All our options come with detailed marathon and half marathon training plans to suit the time you have available for training. All pricing is in New Zealand Dollars.


12 Week Access

Pick this plan for a taste of the Running Hot Coaching experience. With 12 weeks access to the community and programmes you can start training now!

  •  12 Week full access to online platform 
  • Choose a solo 50km or team plan
  • Choice of 3 or 4 runs per week
  • Strength & flexibility sessions
  • Recipes, videos and articles
  • Access to the coaching team via email
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Access to live chats, webinars and podcasts





Full Year Access

Our most popular membership and for those that are committed for the long term. A full years membership sets you up with everything you need to achieve your goals.

  •  All the benefits of the "Run Taster"
  • 1 Years full access to online platform 
  •  Choose a solo 50km or team plan
  • Bonus foundation and technique plans
  • Lisa's "Path Of An Athlete" mini mind set course
  • 8 tips Every Runner Should Know e-book
  • BePure 10 Day Clean Eating Programme
  • Annual renewal of $79

MAD RUNNER $45 p/w

Personal Coaching Services 

Ready to take your training to the next level? Get personally coached by Neil or Carlos. *One off $99 start up fee


  •  All the benefits of the "Run Taster"
  • All the benefits of the "Running Start"
  • 1 Years full access to online platform
  • Team t-shirt 
  • Team hat